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Christoph Koons conductor of the Mulhouse Symphony Orchestra

Christoph Koons conductor of the Mulhouse Symphony Orchestra

The Vienna Philharmonic’s second violin conductor will switch from his seat in the orchestra to the office of conductor Symphonic de Mulhouse next season.

Still one of the youngest members Winner PhilharmonkerBut music lovers still know the blond conductor of the second violin: Christophe Konch is unmistakable in the first office and his composing mood is infectious. He immediately became one of the influential figures in the city’s first orchestra. But playing the violin is not enough: he has also been playing for some time. He has just been appointed captain of the Orchester Symphonique de Mulhouse.

In the fall of 2023, Christophe Konch will take up the position in Alsace, a career leap that has become evident: “Recently I have devoted more and more of my time to conducting,” the musician says in an interview with “Bresse”. He directed the Orchestra of the Future in June: “Of course I knew that the main position had been announced,” he says and is pleased that his performance Igor Stravinsky The ballet for “Petruschka” was so successful that job interviews began immediately.

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