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US supports training of Ukrainian F-16 pilots

US supports training of Ukrainian F-16 pilots

US President Joe Biden has given permission for Ukrainian pilots to train on US F-16 fighter jets. This was stated by a senior American official who attended the G-7 conference in the Japanese capital, Hiroshima. A decision on the delivery of fighter jets to Ukraine should be taken later.

New sanctions have been imposed on Russia

Meanwhile, the US has imposed new economic sanctions on Moscow, the Treasury Department said. “Today’s actions will further limit Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ability to launch a barbaric invasion,” US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said today. Additionally, Russian efforts to circumvent sanctions will be limited by the new measures.

Specifically, sanctions were imposed on 22 individuals and 104 companies. The Ministry of External Affairs targeted nearly 200 people, facilities, ships and aircraft. US sanctions authority extends to other sectors of the Russian economy, including architecture, manufacturing and construction. Therefore, any person or entity operating in these sectors may be subject to sanctions.

The U.S. government freezes a wide range of consumer goods exports to Russia and places 71 companies on the Commerce Department’s corporate blacklist. This means they can no longer be supplied with US technology without a valid license.

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