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Cigna Holdings: Benco steps down as Chairman of the Advisory Board

Cigna Holdings: Benco steps down as Chairman of the Advisory Board

Arndt Geiwitz will organize the restructuring of the entire SIGNA group from Signa Holding, the company said in a statement. Geiwitz enjoys the trust of all Signa Holding shareholders.

“In the current situation, this is the best solution for the company, its partners, investors and employees. It is now important to restore confidence, and I want to make my contribution to this matter. SIGNA’s real estate portfolio will remain unique. I am absolutely sure that the company can To have a very good future.” All stakeholders are called to support Signa now. “I am ready for it,” Benko emphasized.

Notable people on Signa’s Advisory Board

Benko no longer has an operating role in the Signa group he has designed since 2013, but has majority voting rights through his family foundations and is considered a leader at Signa.

Until Wednesday he was serving as chairman of the advisory board, which included, among others, former Chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer, former Bank of Austria president Carl Sonntag, German Chancellor Roland Berger, and former Morgan Stanley banker Walid Chamah, as well as the head of Wüstenrot. Former Vice Chancellor Susan Rees Hahn is a first-class member.

Look for long-term solutions

As Arendt Gewitz explained, Cigna now needed peace and order. “We will approach these important tasks carefully and rationally. It is important to find long-term solutions. It is therefore responsible and necessary to start the comprehensive integration process of the company now. I invite all concerned to participate in this process.”

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Arndt Gewitz serves as Chairman of Signa’s Advisory Board

The quality of Signa Prime’s portfolio is excellent, and the development prospects of the developments, which are located in the best locations in German-speaking cities, are very good, says Gewitz.

Tax consultants and auditors

Jewitz, 54, is best known as the insolvency administrator for the Schlicker drugstore chain. After Schlicker’s 2012 year – he saw both success and failure because the liquidation was successfully completed but none of the 25,000 jobs were saved – the tax consultant and auditor liquidated the bankrupt bookstore Weltbild. In November 2019, 77-year-old Willy Bogner transferred his shares in the company to Jewitz.

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