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Clear the stage for Pratt Circus

Clear the stage for Pratt Circus


Now in the Mariagrün district of Graz there is a new stage for arts, acrobatics, nightclubs, music and much more. With their own circus, brothers Stefan and Michael Prates realize a long-awaited dream.

Stefan Bratis reveals the recipe: “You need arcs of tension, you need rest, you need fear, you need an explosion.” The idea for the circus arose eight years ago from the brothers’ experience and passion for art and culture – in addition to focusing on acrobatics and classic circus elements, they want to offer a venue for concerts, theater, comedy and nightclubs.

Japanese Yodeling

It’s meant to be a creative explosion of international orchestration, ranging from acrobatics to exotic singing art – Takeo Ishii, who is popular in this country with Stefan Rapp’s “TV Total” program, explains: “Not many believed that a Japanese was really yodelling in Styria or Tyrolean.” At Pratt Circus, you can see his Japanese yodelling for yourself.


Singing take Ishi

At the opening ceremony, founder Michael Prates thanked Mariagrüner for the wonderful support, “with which the circus has not been possible for the past two months.”

Personal audience and nice people

At the premiere, international artists met with local performances: Berlin star Catherine Mehrling was influenced by Dave McKendry from Belfast and vocal band Mariagron as well as local music band Mariatrost.

circus art


amazing art

Career – or not: Everyone seems to be enjoying their performance under the roof of Mariagrüner Pfarrstadl. “For me, performing in Mariagrün or at Ronacher in Vienna is exactly the same. It is more personal here,” stressed singer-songwriter Felix Martin. The Russian experimental d. Irina Shoshtakwa summed it up by saying, “People are all very nice here.”

True to the motto “There is magic in every beginning,” Circus Prattes now wants to entertain and charm visitors on Fridays or Saturdays – the first program will run until the beginning of September.

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