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Björn von Abba: Best songs with AI compared to musicians

Björn von Abba: Best songs with AI compared to musicians

aBBA musician Bjorn Ulvius believes that artificial intelligence can write better music than many humans over time.

Previously, during an appearance at the DLD in Munich That up to 100,000 songs and other recordings came to Spotify’s streaming service every day last year. He later asked, “Don’t you think AI would be able to make better music than a lot of those 100,000 songs a day?” “It will happen. I fear it will.”

Software that can automatically generate at least parts of songs is already being used in music production. Until now, it was seen primarily as a tool to support composers. In excavating today’s world of music, Ulvaeus questioned whether there was sufficient quality control. “I worked hard to identify the litter.” When he and his ABBA partner Benny Anderson composed the songs, “we got rid of about 95 percent of what we wrote.” How many files Authors He rhetorically wondered that millions of new songs likely dealt with “garbage” with similar rigor.

Ulvaeus used his DLD appearance to appeal to Ukraine’s support. “Brave Ukrainians are fighting for freedom,” he said. And not only for yourself, “but also for us.”

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