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Clemens Holmann receives the Grand Medal of Honor for his services to the Republic of Austria

Clemens Holmann receives the Grand Medal of Honor for his services to the Republic of Austria

Vienna Entrepreneur, investor and real estate developer Klemens Hallmann was today awarded the Grand Medal of Honor of the Republic of Austria for his continued support of social, artistic and cultural initiatives. The award ceremony was held in the presence of many personalities from the local artistic and cultural scene As well as from business and politics in Albertina in Vienna – host Klaus Albrecht Schroeder gave a speech of praise. Department head Jürgen Mendel presented one of the country’s most important awards on behalf of the Federal President.

Klemens Hallmann, one of the leading local entrepreneurs, real estate developers and investors, is today honored for many years of commitment and support in art and culture nationally and internationally as well as sport: Head of the Department Jürgen Mendel of the Federal Ministry presented the award on behalf of Federal President Van der Bellen for Art and Culture Public Service and Sports The Grand Medal of Honor for Services to the Republic of Austria. The ceremony was accompanied by many personalities from the artistic and cultural scene such as Niclas Castillo, Mario Dalbra, Christoph Balachke and Hans Maher and well-wishers from politics and business such as Joanna Mikl-Leitner (Governor of Lower Austria) and Dr. Gerd Müller (Director-General of UNIDO and former German Federal Minister) or Andrei Galbauer (Diplomat and former Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova).

The Republic of Austria would like to extend its sincere thanks to Klemens Hallmann with this award. His economic and artistic commitment represents a radical improvement in the lives of many peopleAnd the said department head Mendel when handing over the decree and insignia to Clemens Holman. In his advertising speech, Dr. Klaus Albrecht Schroeder, as the host of Albertina, emphasized the importance of promoting art and culture, especially in these times: “Today’s award recognizes what Klemens Hallmann has done selflessly for the general public and society and is at the same time a catalyst for future accomplishments. After all, with economic success comes greater responsibility towards society. As a patron of art and culture, Klemens Hallmann enables artistic and sporting excellence.

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Art and culture are a mirror of the world and are important to people and society. Art connects and can drive a dialogue across all boundaries. So I see it as my responsibility to promote these areas where possible and also support them in a consultative or creative way. Youth promotion, climate protection, social issues and adherence to a culture of responsibility in Europe are just like art, issues that are closely intertwined and form an essential part of my life. I find that in order to move forward as a society, it is not only important to think about ourselves constantly. It is also our duty to return the favor wherever possible.”Hallmann was moved.

Art and culture connect and create identification
The promotion of art and culture has always been particularly important for Hallmann: as the main partner and presenter of the most important European Culture Prize TAURUS, Hallmann underlines her commitment to the further development of the European cultural scene. In addition, film production company Hallmann Entertainment Company together with Filmhouse Germany, its affiliates and other participants in the film sector have won a total of nearly 70 awards for their film productions and actors in the past 10 years alone.

In addition, the investor and entrepreneur places special emphasis on working with young people. The UNODC Youth Initiative, supported by the United Nations, facilitates regular funding and active support from Holman with the goal of giving young people a powerful voice. Also in sports: Hallmann encourages various youth and student teams in basketball, soccer and other sports as the primary sponsor and supporter. Working with schoolchildren and young people is very close to his heart, because currently around 1,000 young people are learning the game as well as mutual respect, fair play and team spirit.

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The interaction between art, culture and sport builds bridges within our society beyond the borders of Europe. So it is now necessary to open new horizons for young people through supportHallman is convinced.

Republican Party Award

The Grand Medal of Honor for Services to the Republic is one of the most important awards in Austria. Only people who provide outstanding achievements and excellent services to their country are awarded this. The award is presented by the Federal President personally or on his behalf. In addition, Klemens Hallmann has already been awarded the Pro Merito Melitensi of the Order of Merit by the Sovereign Knights of Malta and the Order of Merit of the Red Cross for his social and humanitarian commitment.

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