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Clinic in Pink fights for abortion rights in US – dpa

J.Action (DPA) – You know Pam well here. A middle-aged woman continues to stand in front of the Pink House in Jackson, Mississippi, USA. Whenever a car enters the abortion hospital premises, Pam rushes to the vehicle armed with leaflets.

She shouts that there are other ways. One man makes it clear that Pam is not for that Pink Homework – that’s the name of the clinic. Once the women reach the small clinic premises, Pam follows them from the other side of the fence to the entrance. She calls the barrier – a black foil blocks the view. A volunteer from the clinic directs the music.

The Pink House is the only abortion hospital in the state of South America. But that alone is not special to them. Fights outside the clinic will soon take place in the U.S. Supreme Court. There, the Pink House is at the center of a lawsuit that could greatly restrict abortion rights everywhere in the United States. Because Supreme Court Reviewing Mississippi law prohibiting almost all abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

According to a landmark judgment of 1973 Abortions The fetus was allowed in the United States until possible – today until the 24th week of pregnancy. This result is considered a milestone. In this case the law, Roe v. Ved knows, the Supreme Court can change that now. Should he decide that Mississippi law is constitutional, Roe V. The calf lifted.