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Clocks advanced to daylight saving time

Clocks advanced to daylight saving time

Watchmaker Eric Hoos sets the time on the Rombach and Haas cuckoo clock.
Photo: dpa

For more than forty years, Germany switched to daylight saving time in March. Today was that time again: the night was short, but from now on the light will be longer in the evening.

men Sunday nights start again the summer. At 2:00 AM, the clocks advance by one hour until 3:00 AM, so the night is one hour shorter. Daylight saving time was introduced in Germany in 1980 to save energy. However, according to critics, the savings are small, and some people also complain of temporary sleep disturbances. Others are looking forward to longer bright summer evenings.

The atomic clocks of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt in Braunschweig are the time-keeping clocks in Germany. The European Union was discussing the abolition of time change discuss. However, there is no agreement in sight yet. The case is currently pending. However, a combined approach is important to avoid patchwork quilts.

According to data platform Statista, about 72 percent of Germans consider changing the time to summer or winter time as unnecessary and believe it should be abolished. Acceptance of time change has decreased continuously since 2013, but has recently risen again slightly.

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