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Community startup accelerator in Vienna similar to YCombinator

Community startup accelerator in Vienna similar to YCombinator

Three months of boot camp and active exchange in the community, founders should have better chances of belonging to 10% of successful startups. A new initiative from Vienna came with the claim: “the founders in Europe” see themselves as a “society of acceleration”. Standing behind this initiative are two well-known entrepreneurs from Vienna. Benjamin Roshin Founding partner WeAreDevelopers community of developers. Michael Ionita was among other things the chief technology officer of, a startup firm in Vienna, and a pioneer of NoCode in Austria.

Mutual learning from one another is the focus of the European Founders’ accelerated society. As a model for this, the initiators take the famous United Statesaccelerator YCombinator and above all a strong alumni community known to support each other beyond the actual program. The target group are founders before or shortly after incorporation, who still lack the skills and knowledge to “lead their startup to the first million in sales.”

“Founders’ education”: a school for institutional women

“We no longer want to see European startups appear in the background in the international startup scene. We want to help lead European startups to success faster.” In the three-month Founders Education program, skills will be transferred. Via a dedicated e-learning platform as of August 2021 – videos in particular play a major role in this. This portion of the training will be uploaded and priced in the four-digit euro range, as Ruschin emphasized in a conversation with brutkasten. The initiators are based on five domains. Core they identified as being of particular interest in interviews with 200 founders and investors:

  • People and Leadership: How do I build teams and lead them to success? How do I create a positive, performance-oriented culture in my startup?
  • GO to the market: How do I create a business plan? How can I validate my assumptions, especially regarding my product, business model, and pricing?
  • sales: How can I increase my sales? Where can I find the right sales representatives and how can I quickly expand my sales? This is the specialty of co-founder Benjamin Roschen.
  • Producer: How can I develop a product that meets the target group’s requirements and metrics right from the start? What techniques do I use and how do I lead my product team to success? How can I use No-Code for my use case thus saving a lot of time and money? On the other hand, no icon is the subject of Michael Ionetta and aims to help very small startups overcome an obstacle that is often difficult for developers to find and also difficult to fund at an early stage.
  • marketing: How can I develop and implement an effective content marketing strategy to achieve my KPIs?
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