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Company Anniversary – McDonald’s Oberfart 30 years

Company Anniversary – McDonald’s Oberfart 30 years

Oberwart’s website has now been around for 30 years.

Lara Langer

Three decades have passed since Thomas Kluge dared to open the first McDonald’s location in Burgenland. After 30 years, the site with 74 employees from eight countries is not only a significant local employer, but also contributes regional added value with around 70 percent of the food used coming from Austria.

“As a franchisee and host with regional roots, I am delighted to be celebrating a special birthday with companions, supporters, and above all with my great team,” says Thomas Klug. “For 30 years, our goal has been to offer our guests a modern restaurant experience in a private atmosphere of the highest standard and to continuously invest in our offering, in our service and in our team,” says the franchisor. Atmospheric party with friends The weather forecast is good, on August 12 from 5 p.m. There will be a concert with the Rolling Ramblers in honor of the Rolling Stones. And as part of the festivities, good deeds are done. The Ramblers are a charity band and at the festival donations are collected for the Ronald McDonald Children’s Aid Foundation, which operates five homes in Austria near the clinic.

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