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Franz von Suppé Orchestral Works, Tonkunstler Orchestra, Ola Rudner, Naxos direction, 8.574538Online Merker

Franz von Suppé Orchestral Works, Tonkunstler Orchestra, Ola Rudner, Naxos direction, 8.574538Online Merker

Franz von Soppé – famous and first recordings

The Naxos label's latest CD with works by Franz von Suppé offers an exciting insight into the works of this important 19th-century composer. The selection of pieces shows the diversity of Suppé's musical ability.

Ola Rudner, a celebrated conductor with a wide range of musical interests, has established himself as an expert on the works of 19th-century composers. His comprehensive understanding of the musical trends of the era and his commitment to rediscovering forgotten masterpieces make him an ideal interpreter of Suppé's works. With an impressive international career and numerous successful projects, Rudner has consolidated his status as a conductor and creative musicologist.

The famous Overture to “The Poet and the Farmer” is a masterpiece by Suppé that shows the strong yet playful side of the composer. Dynamic contrasts and clever use of melodies make this overture a captivating experience. The Tonkunstler Orchestra under the direction of Ola Rudner interprets this with amazing precision and gives each section a clear musical characteristic. The recently rediscovered “Fantasia Symphonica” reveals Suppé's virtuoso instrumental playing and mastery of counterpoint. There is a rich palette of melodic ideas here, brought to life by Rudner and the Tonkunstler Orchestra with sensitivity and technical brilliance. Presenting this previously unreleased gem provides a fresh look at Suppé's creative genius. The song “The Sailor's Homecoming” (the cabin boys' intro and dance) provides insight into Suppé's ability to explore nautical themes musically. Tonkunstler's solos and orchestral ensemble emphasize the vivid images of sea voyages and the life of sailors. Ola Rudner's sensitive direction allows her to capture the nuances of these works, while the orchestra confidently handles the dynamic range from delicate passages to powerful climaxes. The CD concludes with the overtures “Karl Theater Exhibition” and the particularly exciting “Morning, Noon, Evening in Vienna”: these overtures bear witness to Suppé's great ability to convey moods and scenes through music. The Tonkunstler orchestras under Rudner bring these works to life with impressive expression, with every musical detail meticulously worked out. The orchestra under the direction of Ola Rudner presents itself as a truly elegant interpreter of Suppé's works. Precise articulation, precise dynamics and precise interplay between instrument groups attest to orchestral discipline. The solos within the orchestra are consistently compelling, with the musicians admirably displaying their virtuoso skills.

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Ola Rudner, as conductor, reveals a deep understanding of Suppé's complex musical language. His management is knowledgeable and sensitive, capturing the essence of each composition. The dynamic range, from lively passages to lyrical moments, is excellently crafted by Rudner. His interpretations not only give authenticity to the works, but also showcase Suppé's artistic vision in all its glory.

Dirk Schaus, in January 2024

Francis of Sobe

Orchestral works

Tonkunstler Orchestra

Ola Rudner, Management

Naxos, 8.574538