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Concern for Robbie Williams: How bad is he really?

Concern for Robbie Williams: How bad is he really?

He tried to cover up his fatigue with a joke, but in the end the British pop star had to Robbie Williams interrupting his last performance after only three songs. He explained to his audience that he was suffering from Long Covid.

Robbie Williams cancels concert due to prolonged Covid

The disturbing incident occurred Saturday night during a performance at the Pinkpop Festival in Landgraaf, the Netherlands.

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According to media reports, the 49-year-old should have asked his band to take a break after only three songs. He had to support himself with both hands on his knees. A video posted to Twitter shows a kneeling Williams telling his fans, seemingly exhausted, “I’m screwed.”

“It’s Long Covid, not my tooth, you bastards,” he explains.

Robbie Williams ran out of breath

Apparently, Robbie Williams did not want to disappoint his fans, because after a short break he returned to the stage. But instead of performing energetically, as one is accustomed to at his concerts, Williams just kept gasping for air.

Otherwise, Williams did not make a proper impression. Between songs, he is said to have led monologues over and over—as if to want to take a break. Dutch media such as advertisement Note that he took a short break after each song and barely sang a whole song. Williams left refrains mainly for background singers or the audience. He also avoided repeating the verses in full. The result was: “Williams looks old and lifeless.”

Meanwhile, fans are taking to social media to express their concern about the singer, who also recently lost a significant amount of weight. “I think he’s in trouble. Looks like he needs help.” Many advise the musician to slow down and focus on his health.

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