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Concert – Mary Broadcast: The story of a painful and inspiring woman

Concert – Mary Broadcast: The story of a painful and inspiring woman

After a long musical journey, singer Mary Broadcast and her three band members arrive at the indie pop and rock genre with their new EP “PANIC”. In a cycle of six songs and six videos, the concept album tells the painful but also inspiring story of a woman who has to rearrange her inner and outer world after a miscarriage. The concert was similarly poignant, with rock music represented as well as soft, fragile tunes.

The Upper Austria native admired her voice, naturalness and engaging stage performances. However, their and the band’s roots lie in jazz. Later she moved towards blues, soul and pop music. The song “How Can You Ask Me,” which she participated in the preliminary round of the song contest in 2012, was also in this style. At the time, Trackshittaz won, the last to exit the semi-finals of the song contest with their wobbly pop song. However, participation in Mary Broadcast’s initial competition ensured that the band received significant media exposure for a time. But at some point they wanted to get rid of the song contest image again. “We have once again reoriented ourselves musically. With independent and non-commercial music,” says Mary.

The singer is also interested in other female musicians. Through the series “HER – Talk & Music” it provides musicians and artistes a platform to showcase themselves. “We talk about life as a woman who is also a musician, or a mother and a musician, and how to reconcile that,” she explains. She also still suffers from discrimination on stage, where some sound engineers automatically call out male musicians about technical issues. But she was confident that a lot would happen in the near future regarding women’s equality. She is more concerned about what is happening in other countries. Here you should take a closer look. In the upcoming talks, she wants to invite refugee women who cannot be like us in their countries.

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