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Concert – Michael Fernbach is excited at St Christopher’s Theatre

Concert – Michael Fernbach is excited at St Christopher’s Theatre

Tschelsie, Erika Mottl, Ida Seeböck, Dany Sigel and Irene Budischowsky congratulated their teammate Michael Fernbach on his great achievement.

Monica Dietl

DrViennese actor, singer and entertainer Michael Fernbach made a guest appearance in Saint Christophen.

“He let me be on stage with him. I was able to win a brilliant Kreisler interpreter for the stage—a unique opportunity!”

With voice and piano, artist George Kreisler explored the worlds of music and took his audience and listeners, including his mother, well-known actress Dani Sigel, on a journey through thematically diverse songs.

Socio-politically critical, comically bizarre, but also melancholy human Michael Fernbach interpreted songs like “Poison Doves in the Garden”, “Vienna Without Vienna”, “Two Old Aunts Tango at Midnight” and “Xiankali” – Kreisler’s unforgettable sneer. Visitors took advantage of the short-term opportunity and were impressed by Fernbach’s linguistic artistry, sparkling string of words, and pianistic playing.

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