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Concert – Raise Your Hands with Garrish at Plenkersaal Waidhofen/Ybbs

Concert – Raise Your Hands with Garrish at Plenkersaal Waidhofen/Ybbs

Garrish thrilled the crowd at Waidhofen Plenkersaal on Friday evening with a brilliant concert. In the early 2000s, the five Burgenlanders were one of the first local bands to combine indie pop with smart, poetic German-language lyrics and sing them with a lot of emotion. Last year, after seven regular recordings, the band, now reduced to a quartet, released the album “Hands up, I can leave you” to mark its 25th anniversary, with other artists reinterpreting Garrish's songs in their own unique style. road.

One of them is the young singer-songwriter Doppelfinger aka Clemens Bäre, who opened the evening in Waidhofen with a solo set. Accompanying himself on acoustic guitar and harmonica, he performed songs from his first album “By Design”, released in 2022, as well as new songs, still partly unknown: thoughtful and sad, but always beautiful.

In a good mood, an ecstatically drunk Garesh began the evening by saying “Then I will take heart.” The quartet then brought a cross-section of their songs from the band's 25-year history to the Blinkersall stage. With classic tracks such as “Spuk”, “Ganz Paris”, “Matador” or “Bring me on Ideas” singer Thomas Jarmer, guitarist Julian Schneeberger, bassist Kurt Grath and drummer Markus Berner prove how timeless and still exciting their compositions are.

The song “Silver” dating back to the band's early days was also featured, as was the song “Dei Wöd is a Scheibm” which was sung in dialect and first published on the anniversary album with Strottern, or “Auf den Dächern”. Which was also sung for her by Inna Regin and Verena Altenberger.”

The song “Unhappiness of the same name” was played without amplification and in many voices with only guitar and mandolin accompaniment, and the song “Sein Kopferl im Sand” was also a cover version by the great artist Arik Brauer on the programme. Another highlight of this wonderful evening of music was definitely the number “If This Doesn't Prove My Love to You”, sung with Doppelfinger.

Singer Thomas Jarmer alternated between accordion and piano and charmingly led the evening between songs. The crowd was delighted and only let the band go after two encores, including a cover of Falco's “Junge Römer”.

Garrish 2024 Waidhoven an der Ybbs


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