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Concert – the quartet played at the Treismauer

Concert – the quartet played at the Treismauer

Created April 29, 2023 | 15:15

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The evening featured soulful and emotional arrangements as well as musical diversity. Pictured: Richard Barnert, Eddie Kolddorfer, Martin Lutz, Jutta Fischel, Bernhard Schneider, Peter Natterer, Anton Steiner and Reinhardt Winkler (from left).

Nun, Gunter Schwab

IJazz at its best was recently shown at the Fine Arts Gallery.

In the presence of many music lovers, a musical evening with the “Peter Natterer Quartet” took place in the exhibition rooms of the “Fine Art Gallery” in the “10er-Haus” in Traismauer. The president of the art association, Bernard Schneider, also welcomed the “owner” Martin Lutz, the councilor of Nussdorf municipality Erika Schreiber, the head of the Sparkus department Anton Steiner, the cultural director Reinhard Breen and the president of the Trismore design association Reinhard Haas.

The Peter Natterer Quartet consisted of Peter Natterer (tenor sax), Eddie Kolddorfer (guitars), Richard Barnert (double bass) and Reinhardt Winkler (drums). Equipped with a big voice and keen sense of melody, Peter Natterer deftly navigates the band through his memorable compositions, which often flow into one another to create a greater unity. Conclusion: several times and a lot of applause.

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