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Listen to casual music at Rohrbacher’s “Concert”.

Listen to casual music at Rohrbacher’s “Concert”.

Rohrbach district. The music schools Rohrbach, Schlägl and Haslach present three special concerts in the region at the beginning of May under the title “prom night”.

The LMS Large Brassaxess Band and its full string orchestra will play music by Michael Bublé and Robbie Williams three times in May. The Proms Orchestra – under the overall musical direction of Music School Director Harald Müller – consists exclusively of students, teachers as well as former students of the regional music schools in Rohrbach, Schlagl and Haslach. In addition, four soloists will provide the singing pleasure.

The origin of the Proms

The English acronym Proms stands for “promenade chain”, which has its roots in the traditional promenade parties that were popular in London since the 18th century. At concerts at London’s Royal Albert Hall, there is also a very inexpensive standing room in addition to the seats. Visitors who choose these seats directly in front of the stage are called Promenaders (English walkers), or Prommers for short.

Proms traditionally have no dress code. Concert-goers often come straight from work and dress accordingly: from business suits to casual leisure wear, everything can be seen. During the break there will be small picnics on the pitch. Beautiful evening wear tends to attract attention at proms: they are worn mostly by tourists unaccustomed to the ritual.

Prommers are known in the music world for being an exceptionally calm, disciplined, knowledgeable and open crowd. Many of the Proms feature contemporary, experimental, or little-known musical artworks.

Tuesday, May 28 p.m., LMS Rohrbach Auditorium

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Wednesday, May 38 p.m. Pfarrstadl St. Oswald

Monday, May 8th8 p.m. Stiftsbrauerei Schlägl

Free admission