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Control of black weevils and snails –

Control of black weevils and snails –

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With the end of summer, preparation for the upcoming gardening year begins. An important part of this preparation is pest control to prevent future problems.

Summer is coming to an end and nature is already preparing for the coming year. This also applies to pests that spread in our gardens. In order to minimize problems with these unwanted guests next year, it is important to take precautions now and take appropriate pest control measures.

Special powder against black mite etc.

The black weevil is a beetle whose larvae live in the soil and bite the roots of plants. To combat it, you can use a special powder dissolved in water and apply it to the affected areas. This powder contains nematodes that attack and destroy black weevil larvae.

Another pest to combat in the fall is the frost moth. The females of this pest migrate from the ground to the trunk of fruit trees over the next few weeks. To prevent this, glue rings can be attached to prevent animals from climbing.

Protecting trees and controlling snails

In addition to pest control, it is also important to protect trees in the garden. This can be done by applying a special white varnish consisting of lime extract, clay and horsetail. This varnish protects trees from frost damage and pests that hide in the bark.

However, the biggest problem in many gardens are snails. They lay up to 200 eggs per snail in the fall. To prevent this, you must take action now and collect snails or spray organic snail pellets. This contains Iron III Phosphate, which is harmless to pets and destroys snails.