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Cooking poems and stories |  Is |  26 05 2022 |  14:05

Cooking poems and stories | Is | 26 05 2022 | 14:05

At all times, people have imagined, argued, and philosophized about food: eating is a fun, intelligent, and subtle art. It’s a lively, sensual process that can be as sophisticated as it is subtle, and as fun as it is revolting. The physical, emotional, and communicative eating process is described, celebrated, or caricatured in literary samples. The selected texts include satires, ideas, poems, and passages from narrative literature from different eras. Oscar Wilde said that after a good meal, one can forgive everyone, even his own relatives.

Styling: Marcus Meyer


The following poems and stories are presented in this program:

F.W. Bernstein: “Of Beautiful Dumplings”
Ernst Jandel: “Meal”
Ludwig Born: “The Thorn”
Joachim Ringlents: “The World in an Egg”
Eric Fried: “Food Concerns”
Berthold Bell: “Sausage of Destruction”
Max Goldt: “The Mustard On It”
Christian Morgenstern: “The Pike”
Hoffmann von Wallersleben: “The Moravian National Anthem”
Roger McGoough: “Vegan”
Roar Wolf: “The Moon’s End”
Hans Sachs: “Bringing the Table”
Loriott: “Hippo in Burgundy”
Loriott: “Dachshund in Grooming”
Loriot: “The Fishermen at the Cedar’s Edge”
Christian Morgenstern: “Aromatics”

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