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Cool on Whatsapp: New update fixes an annoying issue

Cool on Whatsapp: New update fixes an annoying issue

Whatsapp messaging service has launched an update for voice messages. The new functionality is already available to all users.

Germany – Anyone who sends audio messages via Whatsapp will probably be aware of the problem: in the middle of a recording, you suddenly get tangled up or make promises. So far there were only two options in this case: send the unsuccessful message anyway – or delete it and register it again. This issue is now resolved with the current update. I know how it all works RUHR24*.

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Whatsapp with working update – Voice messages get preview function

The beta portal WABeta-Info had already announced weeks ago that Whatsapp was tampering with the voice messaging functionality. The update is now available to all users.

Messenger will announce the feature on Twitter on Tuesday (December 14) as a preview of Voice Messages – Voice Message Preview. The practical thing about it: thanks to a new preview, users can now pause and listen to their recorded voice messages before sending them (digital news*in RUHR24).

Whatsapp update: listen to your voice messages before sending them – this is how it works

Specifically, Whatsapp offers a pause button that can be used to pause messages. Voice messages can now be checked before they are sent:

  • To record the message, slide the microphone icon with your finger. This enables hands-free recording.
  • A new display now appears at the bottom of the screen showing the speaking time.
  • In addition, a pause icon appears in the middle, with which the recording can be paused.
  • This gives the user the opportunity to listen to it before sending it.
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New Voice Message function: Above display hands-free recording, and under it when playing messages.

© Screenshot: Regina Wolf / RUHR24

Whatsapp: There is still a feature for useful voice messages

With a preview, it is also possible to listen to a specific point in the message – so you don’t have to listen to it from the start. This is of course useful for long messages. For everyone who tends to talk for a long time, the new feature also has a completely different benefit: you can see at a glance how many minutes the recording has already played.

The only drawback of the new feature: there is no pause function – after listening to it, you cannot continue to pronounce the message. There are only two options: delete or submit. *RUHR24 is part of the Editing Network IPPEN.MEDIA.

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