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Molden.  ostrich.  Pixner.: Festival Theater sold out for “Oame Söö”

Molden. ostrich. Pixner.: Festival Theater sold out for “Oame Söö”

street. Boltin. In front of a sold-out crowd, Molden, Strauss and Bixner closed out this leg of their tour with “Oame Söö.” Ursula Strauss enchants with her voice, while telling the audience well-known and special legends through various songs.

“We ourselves are a band that plays in a similar genre, so the combination of Molden and Bixner is particularly exciting for us. We have already tried Molden in various other lineups, and a great story is always told,” says Thomas Gravogel happily. .

Helga Steinacher and Ulrike Vitovick |  Photo: Caro Vigerle

“We look forward to a nice, fun and relaxing evening with and among friends.” Helga Steinacher continues: “Bixner always deserves it!”

The Mayerhofer family is looking forward to surprising this crowd. Photo: Caro Wegerle

“We already knew Bixner and the main reason we were here,” the Mayrhofer family says with a smile. “We also know Strauss and were always interested in Molden. We were surprised by this combination.”

Christian Proksch and Maria Stefan |  Photo: Caro Vigerle

“You can feel that the hall is completely sold out. There is a very good atmosphere, and you can see how happy the people are,” sums up Christian Proksch. Maria Stefan laughs: “It's a shame that this is a group party. I like to play and dance.”

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