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Corona virus in the United States: – Many lives are believed to have been saved

Dr. Deborah Birks led the White House Corona campaign under former President Donald Trump.

On Sunday, CNN will release the documentary “Govt War: The Pandemic Doctors Speak Out,” where Birks is one of the experts speaking.

In the documentary, Birks opens about the corona manipulation of the country under Donald Trump.

Birks believes the number of corona deaths in the United States could have been “significantly reduced” if the country’s cities and states had used the lessons learned from the first wave of the virus and tried to prevent the next wave.

More than 548,000 American lives have been lost during the epidemics.

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In the documentary, Birks is asked how important it would have been if authorities had introduced infection control measures that have been shown to slow the spread of the virus in the past.

– I see it this way. For the first time we apologized. About 100,000 deaths occurred from the original wave. In the documentary Birks says that the remaining deaths could have been avoided or significantly reduced in my view CNN

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A study by Columbia University has concluded that a rapid coronary response in the United States could save tens of thousands of American lives.

According to the study, 84 percent of deaths in the United States between March 15 and May 3 last year could have been prevented if the country had closed two weeks earlier than they did.

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Birks was one of six key figures in the American corona manipulation interviewed on the CNN documentary.

During Trump’s presidency, Birks was criticized for not condemning the former president’s false allegations about the corona virus.

Recently, the infection situation in the United States has improved, and daily infection rates are much steady.

Biden with new goal

Yes Joe Biden Holt His first press conference as President of the United States On Thursday, he had the opportunity to come up with a new goal.

The new target is 200 million vaccine doses by April 30, which is on its way to the United States.

The target is twice as big as Biden originally set.

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Since the vaccine began in December in the United States, 130 million vaccine levels have been set. 46 million Americans have received two doses and are fully vaccinated. This corresponds to 14 percent of the population.

Biden made a number of comments during a press conference with former President Donald Trump, including when he spoke and was asked about the immigration situation.

– If helpless children show up at the border, should we allow them to starve? Biden said no administration other than Trump has done this before.