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Reports say there has been “some progress” in the task of unleashing giant ships on the Suez Canal

On Saturday afternoon, rescue crews released the crew and rudder of the giant ship Evergreen. The world’s largest container ship will block the Suez Canal.

New photos from Saturday show just how big the 400-meter-long ship is. Photo: Mohamed ABD L Ghani / Reuters

Several international media outlets have reported some progress in the task of getting rid of the giant ship.

Evergreen ran into a sandstorm at 06:00 Norwegian time on Tuesday. At the southern end of the Suez Canal, she sat almost across. Thus, she effectively blocked all other ships. This canal connects the Red Sea and the Mediterranean and is very important for transporting goods from and around Asia.

Every day, about 50 cargo ships pass through the canal. The line of ships at both ends exceeded 300.

On Saturday, about 20,000 tons of sand was dug around the bow. The Dutch company involved in the work writes, hoping you can loosen the ship early next week News agency Reuters.

This satellite image, which came out on Saturday, shows how the world’s largest container ship is almost standing across the canal. Photo: © Maxer Technologies

It looks like a giant ship’s bow on the sandy shores east of the Suez Canal on Saturday night. Photo: Mohamed ABD L Ghani / Reuters

On Saturday night, they were able to loosen the impulses and suckers of the large ship. Photo: Mohamed ABD L Ghani / Reuters

What are the consequences of landing?

Oil: Oil prices have grown weak in recent weeks. Reason: Fear of bad times. On the other hand, landing helped keep prices higher than expected. On average, nearly two million barrels of oil are shipped daily via Suez.

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Paper: Last winter, people all over the world hoarded top paper. Now it may be sluggish on the shelves again. Suzanne, the world’s largest pulp manufacturer, is an ingredient in top paper and paper towels. According to Bloomberg The company hopes that the accident at Soos will quickly lead to delays in deliveries.

Nut water: Robusta beans are transported via Suez from Asia and East Africa. These cheap beans are often used in instant coffee. Deliveries from Vietnam have been sluggish due to a lack of containers before. Now the Suez problem is at the top.

– Can two or three week delay be overcome by distilleries? Says Raphael Hemmerlin Straits Times. He is the logistics manager at Sukafina, a Swiss coffee retailer.