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Coronation Cuvée – Illmitz: Opitz makes wine for the coronation

Coronation Cuvée – Illmitz: Opitz makes wine for the coronation

Willi Opitz is now famous for making wines suitable to accompany major world events. The same applies to the upcoming coronation of King Charles III. There is also a plugin in play here. Willi Opitz takes care of a large number of wineries internationally, for example in Transylvania, Armenia, Georgia, Italy and above all Great Britain. The grapes for ‘Coronation Cuvée’ come from this well-managed winery on the royal estates of the Isles of Scilly / Cornwall.

Twelve years ago, Opitz was very involved as a vineyard consultant. As part of the opening, the President of the English Winegrowers (British Winegrowers Association) and then Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, visited the newly established winery for a tasting. The Queen of the Day was excited and quickly put up a personal invitation to Opitz’s home, Buckingham Palace. There Willy and his wife, Maria, became acquainted with King Charles III in a very personal way. “King Charles III is a very interested agronomist and was delighted to have someone from Austria make wine on his estate – as no one had tried it before – and produce delicious wine as a result.

Willie Opitz with the then Duchess of Cornwall and Queen Camilla.

Willie Opitz

On May 6th, the Austro-British Society holds a celebration for its members, including a live broadcast of the coronation ceremony, where Willy Opitz will present his coronation ceremony. In addition, the Austro-British Assembly would imbibe the new king’s luxury with a “Coronation Cuvée” during the coronation, after the Austrian ambassador personally presented the king with a large bottle of Opitz Coronation Cuvée.