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Corruption – Bank Julius pays millions of dollars


Bank Julius Bear is paying millions in fines in the United States

Bank Julius Perez has been fined $ 79 million by the World Football Association in the United States for engaging in FIFA-related corruption scandal.

According to the public prosecutor, the bank returned “blindly” to the money laundering. (Index image)


The U.S. Department of Justice on Thursday said the bank had admitted to embezzling $ 36 million in bribes from football officials. Fraud contributed to bribery in “international football” in which marketing companies paid officials in exchange for broadcasting rights.

The bank and its employees were allowed to take bribes, while internal oversight became blind despite clear warning signs of money laundering, explained Mark Lesco, attorney in charge of the eastern metropolitan area of ​​New York.

There have been allegations against more than 40 people since authorities first arrested them shortly before the re-election of then-World Cup president Sepp Blatter in May 2015. He emphasized that the decision was taken “by FIFA” and that “there is always going to be a solution to this problem”. (dpa)

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