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With permanent staff against the United States

Between September 2016 and October 2017, Switzerland had ten wins in a row. This is record value in SFV history. Switzerland had three consecutive wins in 2015 and 2019 under Vladimir Petkovich. Now the national coach’s second best brand of nearly seven years. After victories against Bulgaria, Lithuania and Finland in March, the Swiss are aiming for their fourth consecutive victory against the United States (not counting the losing victory against Ukraine).

Just two weeks before the start of the European Championship in Baku against Wales, Petkovic is thinking less about the statistics and more about the soft factors. We want to play a good game. We want to maintain a high level for over 90 minutes, even if we are not 100 percent ready for each area. Of course it is important that we are healthy. “

Petkovic declared that he “did not want to try much.” E We must first look at the EM game. We can benefit a lot from the test against the United States. “It can be assumed that Petkovic will hire most of his permanent staff from the start, so he did the most important of the two trials before the final in 2016 and 2018. Only against Granite Shaga, who was injured three years ago against Spain, is missing from the main line-up.

The new ones are well integrated

The team could look like this against the United States, who are ranked 20th in the FIFA rankings: Nico Lvedi, Fabian Shore and Manuel Aganji defending in front of goalkeeper Jan Somer. Kevin Mababu and Ricardo Rodriguez are also playing on the sidelines, while Granit Shaga and Remo Freiler occupy the central midfield. In the attack, Shirdon Shakiri and the Brell Embolo or Admir Mehmi support center Harris Seferovic.

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Players who are on the verge of nominating a team of 26 determined for EM, players like newcomers Don Entoi and Andy Sekiri should only play a role against the United States – anyway. “I have to put six field players and one goalkeeper on the stand, but I can make six substitutes in the game,” Petkovic said. “First, it’s important for newcomers to be there. In the first training sessions they had little trouble with the rhythm, otherwise they integrated well. “