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Electric bus: More than 2,700 kilometers practical test in the United States

By electric bus from Newark to Seattle and back: Transport company MTRWestern made an unprecedented long journey on the west coast of the United States. Among other things, testing should show that the public charging network is ready for large electric buses.

For the test run, the MTRWestern manufacturer used the Van Hull CX45E, the electric tour coach for ABC companies. The bus covered 2,700 kilometers for the demonstration: the operation began in Newark, California and returned to Seattle in Washington state. Different groups of passengers were on board at different stages of the route.

450 km on a single charge

The trail passes through the Cascade-Cisque National Monument through 1,700 meters of challenging terrain. During the trip, data on consumption, charging rates and power recovery were continuously collected.

The average speed is between 87 km / h and the average range between charging intervals is 450 km / h. Total energy consumption is 3,400 kWh of electricity. This saved 1,100 liters of diesel and 2.3 tons of CO2 while driving.

Many charging stations are not yet ready for big e-buses

Of Electric bus Charges were levied at public charging stations, thus providing information about the charging network as well. The stations were available at regular intervals and the charging time was shorter than planned, ABC said: Charging is 2.5 to 3 hours. However, not all locations are designed for large vehicles. Although it is possible to charge by bus, the accommodation at many stations is not suitable for such large vehicles.

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Todd Paulson of MTRWestern explains that “the size and layout of charging stations generally do not fit a commercial vehicle of this size.” “This shows the need to set up larger parking lots with larger turnaround or drive-through options. Providers should consider improvements in this fast-growing sector when planning future charging facilities,” Paulson said.

Interested passengers and drivers

Passengers enjoyed traveling in the electric bus. “Our teams were very excited to enjoy driving themselves, and their feedback gives us important clues as we integrate electric vehicles into our fleet,” Todd Paulson said. “Passengers and drivers were impressed with the incredibly smooth ride, and our drivers were particularly pleased with the smooth ride and performance of the bus, especially the climbs,” Paulson continued.

Producer ABC was also very satisfied with the results of the practical test. Roman Cornell, ABC’s President and Chief Business Officer, said: “These buses are fulfilling their promises. He has been repeatedly asked if he wants to set a world record.” We continue to break our own records, “he said.” Our continued success with Protero’s electric powertrain pushes the current boundaries of the Zero-Emission coach journey, somehow making claims or records irrelevant. “

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