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Country Youth: The small but cute local group Trahütten

Country Youth: The small but cute local group Trahütten

Trahütten vom Berg, a small local group for rural youth, has a lot to offer. This year the members are once again committed to their home region. In the summer, for example, the football championship will be held again in Leyten.

TRAHUTS. The strong management team of the local rural youth group in Trahouten will remain in place in the new rural youth year: the president Thomas Friedel Member of the Board of Directors since 2013 and has been Chairman of the Board since 2019 – and this year too. his deputy Sebastian Coggerlwho dared to jump to the board for the first time.

As director this year as last year Teresa Kinzer He works. According to the members of Countryside Youth, it always surprises with creative ideas and tries to combine regionalism and sustainability. Veronica Sackle – Lovingly nicknamed ‘Fronie’ by her group – this year she slips into the role of deputy leader.

Something is going on

The group has already started the new year with an impulse: for example, the members met before dedicating the traditional palms to their celebration Large palm bushes to relate. From large palm branches to beautiful boughs, to trunk, juniper and forsythia, everything has found its place on the palm bush. On Sunday, they walked to the churchyard with its six-meter palm bush.

The members tied a large palm bush again.  |  Photo: LJ Trahutten

Another exciting event coming up in the summer: AM 5th of August From 8:30 a.m. ie Leitn Football Championship at Bio-Alpengasthof Koralpenblick instead of. The alternate date in case of bad weather is 12 August. The team must consist of four players and a goalkeeper, but there can also be two substitute players. There are great prizes to be won, including the prestigious wooden trophy for the winning team.

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In the November 1st He also calls the group back Chestnut roast In front of the community center in Trahütten.

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