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CoV: Decline in sales at Thalia -

CoV: Decline in sales at Thalia –


Even if CoV led to a “reading renaissance”, Austria CEO Thomas Zeitner said, the past fiscal year has been a tough year for the Thalia bookstore chain.

Sales decreased from 126.1 million euros in 2018/19 to 119.7 million euros in 2019/2020 (as of September 30), and profits before tax from 10.1 million euros to 8.5 million euros. In the future, the “multi-channel strategy” will continue to be relied upon, which is to integrate fixed commerce with online services.

Click and Receive is very popular

Meanwhile, every tenth of a brick-and-mortar purchase is based on an online order, Zehetner said at the annual press conference Thursday. Therefore, Thalia continues to walk the path of the business model across channels. 24/7 pick-up stations are being expanded this year. There are currently three in Vienna and one at the University of Linz. The managing director predicts that the internet business’s share of Thalia’s total sales in Austria will stabilize at around 25 percent.

Aber nicht nur besagte Strategie sondern auch staatliche Förderungen – wie etwa die Halbierung der Mehrwertsteuer auf Bücher von 10 auf 5 Prozent -, „faire Lösungen mit Vermietern“ sowie das „ragibles Agieren der Mitar zbeiter “sowie das„ ragibles Agierten der Mitar-zbeiter “hätompungis Agieren der Mitar-zbeiter“ hätompungis Agieren der Mitar-beiter Steadily. During the six-week shutdown period during the last fiscal year, employees were only short-term employees. This also applies to other companies that have followed after September 30, 2020 and thus in Thalia’s current fiscal year. Store sales are currently about 13 percent lower than in 2019/20.

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Reading is appreciated in times of the pandemic

Zehetner can gain a positive impact from the pandemic: Reading is valued in difficult times. He noted that in all age groups, books were captured more. But only for the printed form and not for the e-reader. The electronic variable has clearly been a subject of vacation or travel and therefore less relevant in 2020.

In particular, there was a demand for entertaining literature, guides and books for children and youth. Business has also increased with board and puzzle games in the year of the pandemic. Overall, however, the share of non-writing goods remained the same at about a third of total sales. Because the sale of materials from a set of paper, school and office refused. Thalia has 37 locations in Austria with 550 full time.