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Cross and tilt ventilation serves as the pinnacle of civilization

Cross and tilt ventilation serves as the pinnacle of civilization

Hobbyists really have no place when it comes to home ventilation methods. or?

I admit that I have a certain tendency to fantasize. And I love all the techniques, shock ventilation, cross ventilation, continuous ventilation, depending on the air and my mood. Of course this depends on the temperature, because the big challenge at this time of year is keeping the interior reasonably cool. Yes, I experience signs of confusion or confusion when I tell family members in the morning which ventilation technique is in use that day, set a time for the curtains to be lowered and demand that the blocks be removed when leaving the house after 29°C. But it's worth it.

The cultural and political dimension of home ventilation measures has not worried me much so far. Until I learned through the German Features section that the “German Slanting Window” is something that raises a lot of eyebrows internationally, but especially in the USA. It is repeatedly praised in the highest tones as evidence of advanced civilization. Of course, anyone searching for “German windows” on social media will also be confused. “It took a few minutes to figure it out,” some people write about the instructions on how to operate the window handle and what happens. “This baffles, confuses and angers Americans,” as explained below. Accompanied by many WTF statements and horrified smileys. Why do you need that when there are fans, some people ask. Or air conditioning, others object. Still others dismissively argue that this is a strange obsession that people in Europe have when it comes to clean air.

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“It looks cool, but it seems impractical,” is the comment that ultimately derailed me. At least a little. Both claims are complete nonsense. I would answer: “It should be reflected back.” Or rather, as the youthful saying goes in such cases: “Open the window.” Unfortunately, there is no translation for it.

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