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Crowdfunding Campaign – Cinema Mistelbach is in dire need of new technology

Crowdfunding Campaign – Cinema Mistelbach is in dire need of new technology

The film.kunst.kino cultural association expands the range of films in the Weinviertel through various focal points and has established itself as a permanent fixture in the Weinviertel cultural offerings since 2011. Austrian, European and international arthouse films are shown in the regular film program at the Kronen Kino Mistelbach, any demanding films , offbeat, poignant, unusual and valuable outside the American mainstream.

To keep it going, the crowdfunding campaign was launched by the cultural association film.kunst.kino in collaboration with René Pregler, operator of the City Cine Stadtkino.

The film.kunst.kino association invites film lovers to the Mistelbach cinema on Oberhoferstrasse for a free screening of Steven Spielberg’s latest film “The Fablemans”.

Before allowing visitors to take part in the two-hour cinema experience, the previously announced crowdfunding campaign ceremonially opened with an emotional trailer. In it, citizens from Mistelbach to the mayor and regular visitors from young to old recall the very personal experiences they associate with Mistelbach cinema. Club President Herbert Marco also addressed the audience with a video message that filled the cinema to the last seat.

“Cinema technology is also more than 30 years old. If something breaks down here, it means that this equipment is no longer maintained. So we run the risk of the screen remaining black from one moment to the next. The hoped-for revenue should flow 100 percent into the renovation of the infrastructure and beautification of the cinema.

“The crowdfunding principle is an all-or-nothing principle. In our case, we have exactly 30 days from today to reach our goal of 15,000 euros. If we reach only 14,900 euros, unfortunately nothing will go to the cinema, and everyone who donates will get a refund,” says Asperger. his money.”

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Donations can be made to the “Save our Cinema” campaign via the website will be given. Depending on the donation amount, there are interesting bonus packages that include exclusive movie viewing.