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The new tailoring of chic street style

The new tailoring of chic street style

Gone are the sloppy days when T-shirts, jeans and sneakers ruled the summer streets? There’s an almost definite change here and there, at least as far as downtown and some of its trendy hangouts are concerned: Sweaters, pants, jackets, and waistcoats are the new streetwear staple of the women’s wardrobe in place of the jeans and baggy look. Because this summer, fashion-conscious people appear in trousers, jackets and jackets made of the finest fabrics. Clearly, the “stitch effect” spruced up our streetscape in a more elegant direction. A term meant to evoke the meticulous detailing of men’s tailoring on Savile Row in London, a style that outlasts fashion trends.

International fashion researchers have a simple explanation for this: the newfound extravagance of simplicity and the desire for naturalness are combined here in a way that reflects the zeitgeist. On the one hand, the pandemic has economically forced many fashion designers to return to their original philosophy and thus to simple basics.

On the other hand, concerns about the global climate and a new environmental awareness have played their part and led to a rethinking of fast fashion among producers and consumers alike. Sustainability means relying on fine craftsmanship and pieces that feel tailored and should fit the wearer for life.

So things don’t get too serious, like labels Ann DemolmeesterMartin Margiela, Proenza Schuller, Gucci or COS operator Copied from the classic tailoring style, but reinterpreting the look of the original work with sophisticated, oversized cuts and designs –

– From the classic three-piece suit to the modern ’60s suit or the avant-garde flared casual suit with ties.

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Designer and artist Tania Ramos designs for her label Art Ramos, tailored pantsuits that just moved to Vienna, are polished by the iconic “cat” motif. All of these strength pads are intended to embody a strong look and a newfound self-confidence in women.

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To make the look summery, bright pop colors like green, pink and light blue play a role as well as white tones.

But the most important thing in tailoring remains that the trousers and jackets fit perfectly in shape and type, so that they remain relevant for a few seasons. Accessories such as flowers or high heels often give a feminine look a feminine touch. With or without a T-shirt, rather than combining it with blouses, the look becomes more casual.