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Cultivation of honor in TBC Classic is currently the horror

From Karsten Schulz
Currently, many players are complaining that the honor of farming on the battlefields in WoW: Burning Crusade Classic is taking too long. For a blue pvp set, you have to put in a grinder that is hardly inferior to the madness of rank 14 from Classic.

While the arena is the new paramount discipline in WoW PvP in the Burning Crusade era, the battlegrounds are for honors, to earn some equipment with the emphasis of early arena games or some equipment slots with a clothing boost that has no counterparts in the arena.

Unfortunately, the honor of farming on the battlefields is far from fun at the moment. On the other hand, because the outnumbered faction had to wait a long time for an invitation to the battlefield. On the other hand, BG Games in their current state hardly do any honor even if they are won. If you want to farm your entire blue PvP deck as well as items for all other slots, the grind is waiting for you, Rank 14 Madness From Classic hardly inferior. Only for a new PvP trinket with a 2-minute cooldown, you have to farm for several hours.

It doesn’t help that, thanks to the loopholes in the recent past, to get an enormous amount of honor for a short time in a short time. Vulnerability #1 occurred at the beginning of the pre-patch when players were able to fill the full Honor cap within a day. After the reform, they were allowed to keep the honor they had. Then loophole #2 was about flags in the eye of the storm, which unexpectedly brought so much extra honor that winning the game was no longer at the fore. That has also been fixed.

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The point is: anyone who exploited these vulnerabilities was able to gain a noticeable honor advantage. Those who didn’t are now torturing their way through the battlefields or turning away completely from BGs. What do you think of the situation? Should Blizzard make edits here or insist on #nochanges? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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