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D: Bishop Jean celebrates the Divine Liturgy for the good fortune of the Universal Synod

D: Bishop Jean celebrates the Divine Liturgy for the good fortune of the Universal Synod

Bishop Felix Gein of Münster celebrated Mass in Kevelaer on Wednesday, calling for the success of the Catholic World Synod. In the Basilica of a German Place of Pilgrimage, he also criticized the project to reform the Synodal Path in Germany.

It has become clear, he said, “that we still have a lot to learn in the process,” according to a statement from the diocese of Münster. There are different understandings of what a “synodal” means. Some people, others critically, see this as “the democratization of the Church, which in reality does not fit into its structures at all”, others, on the other hand, emphasized above all “many possibilities and opportunities”. So Jin once again emphasized the importance of listening to each other. This means accepting and realizing the facts, even if they are scary.

They listen to each other

The Secretariat of the Vatican Synod in Rome, responsible for coordinating the Universal Synod initiated by the Pope, has invited conferences of bishops around the world to celebrate the Universal Synodal Mass at the Place of Pilgrimage on May 31 at the end of the Marian month. Jane celebrated Mass on behalf of the Catholic Church throughout Germany.

In October, a meeting of bishops and other synods will take place in the Vatican. The theme of the Universal Synod is more conciliarity and therefore a change in the mentality of the Catholic Church so that it can better face the important challenges of the future. In the course of the global process, which began two years ago, there have already been stages at the diocesan and continental levels.

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