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'Darkness in Tristram' event begins on Monday

‘Darkness in Tristram’ event begins on Monday

From Valentine Sattler
Also this year, “The Darkness in Tristram” will take place in Diablo 3, where players can immerse themselves in the world of Diablo 1. The process is the same as last year.

The Diablo series celebrates its birthday on December 31 every year, and Blizzard has traditionally taken this opportunity for the “The Darkness in Tristram” event. This year, Diablo 3 players will once again have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the game world of Diablo 1, redesigned with modern graphics, and enjoy nostalgia.

Same event again

‘Darkness in Tristram’ sequence included Similar to last year. Since New Year’s Eve, players have been able to hunt down a group of cults who are on the verge of mischief in the game world. If you follow in the footsteps of the clergy, you will reach a gate that takes you to the city of Tristram. This gate will not open until 1:00 AM tomorrow. So far we haven’t missed anything from the main event.

Players will then have the opportunity to explore Tristram until January 31 at 1:00 AM CET and claim some special rewards in the process. Specifically, Blizzard promises (at least) special diversion effects, achievements, photos, and pets. There is no list of all the special items from Blizzard. The company just released a GIF with a banner, photo, and pet on it.

Blizzard displays only three special items from “The Darkness of Tristram”.

those: Blizzard

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Some Diablo fans may have been hoping for more from this year’s birthday event, because with Diablo’s 25th birthday, there’s already been an occasion for some specials. Until next year (hopefully) Diablo 4 comes out, there probably won’t be major changes to the series’ birthday party.

those: Blizzard via The star of the game

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