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Data protection for Indians is more important than the convenience of AI

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According to Tsaaro’s survey, AI users often take their own security precautions

Artificial Intelligence: Strong privacy concerns (Photo:, geralt)

Artificial Intelligence: Strong privacy concerns (Photo:, geralt)

Bangalore (pte024/19.09.2022/13:30) –

74 percent of AI users in India find that protecting their privacy is more important than the benefits of using artificial intelligence (AI). According to privacy and security provider Tsaaro’s survey titled “Artificial Intelligence’s Race for Responsibility and Privacy” With Fractal Analytics They do not want their personal data to be collected by artificial intelligence. Over 1,000 AI users were surveyed online in June 2022 across various social media and professional channels.

Avoidance Strategies

According to the survey, many users take their own security measures to protect their privacy: 65 percent try to avoid AI-supported functions such as unlocking phones with facial recognition and digital voice assistants. And 36 percent support stricter requirements for data localization.

Faced with a new bill that would allow the Indian government and state agencies to freely process citizens’ data without their consent, 55 percent of respondents are defending their right to information and consent. A minority of 27 per cent expressed no concern in this regard. Only 7 percent of respondents believe that India has sufficient safeguards to prevent privacy violations from using AI. And 96 percent see a lack of AI governance.

special challenge

Commenting on the findings, Tsaaro CEO Akarsh Singh said: “While privacy concerns are always a major concern when new technologies are deployed, the scope and applicability of AI is a particular challenge.” Internationally, too, there is a lack of trust in AI, as the Fivetran study recently revealed (a press release states: ).

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