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Gorilla Kitchen: Waiting for Street Redesign – News

Gorilla Kitchen: Waiting for Street Redesign – News

What can a bar do in Grätzl (Argentinierstraße) and what city planning can do for local businesses.

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

written 1 hour ago

By the editors of W24

The quality of life in Grazl depends on many factors. On the one hand, the city needs innovative concepts, and on the other hand, practical-minded local businesses, such as Gorilla Kitchen, are needed to revitalize Gratzel.

At first, Christoph Heeger and his partner, Lisa Grabner, pity taking over the position. But with courage and ingenuity, small catering companies such as the little black fast food restaurant on the corner of Gußhausstraße and Argentinierstraße have weathered crises such as the coronavirus pandemic.

Grätzl Street will change as a result of Argentinierstraße being transformed into a bike street. And it will be greener and busier. But one thing remains the same: here, Gorilla Kitchen serves its customers Mexican street food with regional ingredients, burritos, bowls, nachos, coffee and cake. Just like the past ten years are being celebrated here today.

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