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Dead man in tiger cage in Indonesia

Dead man in tiger cage in Indonesia

Indonesian media reported on Sunday that the 27-year-old was apparently attacked and killed by the big cat he kept as a pet. The news portal wrote that the victim’s wife found the young man in the cage with scratch marks on his body and a missing toe.

The portal reported that the 27-year-old, who worked as a housekeeper, was feeding his boss’s tiger when the attack occurred. His wife first waited in front of the house. But when she noticed her husband was taking longer than usual, she went in. Her husband was said to be lying there motionless in the cage. According to reports, the incident actually occurred on Saturday.

According to preliminary investigations, the tiger is a four-year-old Sumatran tiger, which has been kept illegally as a pet since its birth, East Kalimantan Province Nature Conservation Authority head Ari Wipawanto told news portal . Local police spokesman Yusuf Sutejo said they now want to move the animal to a protected area.

Pictures and videos published by the police showed the tiger being held in a cage in a closed room. The Sumatran tiger, the smallest living species of big cat, lives in Indonesia. Animal protection organizations estimate that only 400 to 600 specimens of Panthera tigris sumatrae remain today. In addition to poaching, loss of natural habitat, for example through palm oil plantations, has decimated this population. These animals are listed as endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List. Other Indonesian subspecies such as the Bali tiger and Java tiger are already extinct.


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