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December hit!

MDR is broadcasting its results charts again, this time from December. Bernard Brink welcomes Alex Engel, Erin Scherr, and Romy Kirsch to the studio.

Smart pop singer and presenter Bernard Brink Presenting “The Hit of the Month” in December and featuring the top 50 successful albums on its run, it brings news from the scene and also gives a chance to newcomers. This time he has a pop singer Alex Engel and Erin Sher And Romy Kirsch to the guest. Erin Scherr has already announced that she is leaving the stage with Florian Silberisen and will be letting her career slowly end this year.

Are Pop Stars Revealing Some Secrets On Bernard Brink?

Of course it can Irene Sher Not to take another look at her longtime studio buddy, the pop singer will also have her current single “Farewell is like a new life” and her album “Auf Wiedersehn – Goodbye” with her. Alex EngleWho, in addition to his career as a pop singer at Ballermann in Mallorca, also loves to serve a good cause, won the MDR vote for hit of the month with singer Bianca. Bianca will probably also come to Bernard Brink, anyway, Alex will get a new remix of “I Feel Like I’m in Heaven” with him. Romy Kirsch, who has made a name for herself since the challenge by Florian Silberizen, and will also be a guest star on Bernhard Brink, and her debut album “Leben & L’amour” will be there. “Hit of the Month” will bring a lot of news, music, and stars back to TV again – to be seen on Friday, January 7 at 8:15 p.m. MDR.

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