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Deepcool CK560 RGB 2

Deepcool CK560 Review – PC Masters


As we noted, the tape that was holding the top dust filter in place didn’t come off as easily as we’d like, but after some hard work, the adhesive residue was removed. Now we dismantled the side parts and first saw the case with the accessories and were pleased with the very large number of cable ties.

Installation of Deepcool CK560

All the spacers for the main board are already pre-assembled and we didn’t have to do any work here. There were no problems when installing the motherboard, the auxiliary CPU power supply can also be connected well, but with very large CPU coolers, connecting the connector can become a troublesome exercise. Be calm! The heatsink was getting in the way a bit here, so our hand fit well between them. All cable bushings are large enough, but only partially have a rubber protection, which is also partially lifted by the type of bushing. As you can clearly see in the picture, the sleeve has been folded to the back side, so the cable can get frayed at the edges created here if you’re not very careful with routing the cable.

We liked the way the cables were laid out, as there were more than enough holes to plug in the cables. The cables already laid by the manufacturer were supposed to be laid out more accurately, but there is still room for improvement here, as some of the fan connection cables were placed in a loop and the cable was put under a lot of stress as a result, and it also looks ugly. This could have been avoided with more care.

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Install Deepcool CK560 SSD

There were no problems with mounting the power supply or installing the hard disks, as all the hard disks are inserted into a frame and then inserted into the slot provided for them. With SSDs or 2.5-inch drives attached behind the main board, this works a little differently. The little feet are screwed in here and then pressed into the brackets behind the main board, this worked really well and was easy to do.

Deepcool CK560 SSD

The case has a special feature: a small graphics card holder arm is installed here, which takes the weight off the PCI-e slot of long cards and prevents the graphics card from hanging. This arm can be installed in two places in length and freely varied in height, so that all owners of a long graphics card do not have any problems with a dangling graphics card. Depending on the position of the rack and connections on the motherboard, this can make it difficult to access SATA connections, for example.

Deepcool CK560 Graphics Card Holder

All the dust filters can be removed very easily, and we particularly liked the front structure, where you don’t have to use absolute force like some of the other cases, but instead use a simple front removal mechanism.

Deepcool CK560 RGB 1

Lighting can be achieved via the main panel or via a button, which then travels through different modes and colors. A kind of “breathing” can be set in different colors, where the LEDs slowly get brighter and darker again, or change color more slowly or faster.