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Derby victory: Giuliani assists Lavnitz to 3:2 against KSV - Division Two

Derby victory: Giuliani assists Lavnitz to 3:2 against KSV – Division Two

After the international break, it was Second League Admiral The SV Licht Loidl Lafnitz with the KSV 1919. The visitors were offered an open exchange of blows in this fast and lively derby, in which Levnitz advanced 2-0 and Kapfenberg equalized on the spot. The guests had to make do with one man less than the 42nd minute and conceded another goal in the second round. The derby goes 3-2 to SV Lafnitz.

Grgic Purgi

Mario Gargic kicked a corner kick directly into the goal

Lavnitz was already ahead in four minutes

The home team got off to a good start and led 1-0 after just four minutes. Lucas Faddinger took a penalty in the right corner and did not give goalkeeper Christopher Giuliani a chance. Christian Lichtenberger gave East Styrian a 2:0 (17) lead – this goal was preceded by a pass behind the midfield. Even if some in the stadium now thought the locals were in safe waters, they underestimated the strength of the guests. Because the Mürztalers only needed four minutes to equalise:

In the 25th minute, captain Mario Gargic made a direct corner kick, like Hansi Muller at the time, with a goal of 1: 2. Immediately after that (27) Miletus Meskowicz, after a beautiful pass from Dardan Chabanhchag, scored 2: 2 in the six-yard area. The match went back and forth – but Lavnitz had better chances, but Schrivel (30) and Waddinger (39) didn’t put the round in the corner. It was bitter again for the guests: Karlo Lalic was sent off within four minutes – for two particularly unintelligent fouls – in yellow and red (38, 42). With a 2:2 tie, I also entered the first half.

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Carlo Lalique was disqualified just before the end of the first half whistle

In the second half, the hosts dominated from the start, and had plenty of space in midfield due to their numerical superiority – but they still rarely entered the Kapfenberg area. On the other hand, the guests were dangerous, even if only through a counterattack – like a cross from Chabanhaksaj in the 54th minute, but they found no one to take it. In the 58th minute, there was a penalty kick in the KSV penalty area – but referee Daniel Pfister did not dissuade and showed Finzer Wadger a yellow card for a swallow.

semi-dostal 1

Philip Semlek showed a touch of gold when making changes

Double swap brought success

With a double substitution in the 64th minute, Lavantes coach Philippe Semlek wanted to revitalize the attack – he brought in Marvin Hernaus in place of Christoph Geschel and Fabian Volmuth in place of Thorsten Schreibl. The change paid off – Fabian Fulmouth scored in the 69th minute to make the score 3: 2. However, he received active support from Gilani, who missed a broken cross from Lavnitz and sent the ball into his own goal.

Shortly before the end of the match, the hosts demanded another penalty – Seko Sila pushed Fulmouth away – but the referee’s whistle did not sound. In the end, the hosts won 3: 2 – the three points remained at Levnitz.

Game Rating:

Philip Semlek, coach of Lavnitz:

“We started great, went 2-0 up, but unfortunately we didn’t get the score 3-0. Unfortunately, we let ourselves lose the lead, but then we dominated again and won well.”

David Senkar, assistant coach Kapfenberg:

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The penalty kick at the start of the game put us off track a little bit. After that we set ourselves back up and played really well. He still gets 0:2, the deficit equation. It was even more difficult with the red card. To make matters worse, we also got this weird target. It was positive that the team never gave up.”


Target sequence: 1:0 (4th Wadanger (penalty kick), 2:0 (17 Lichtenberger), 2:1 (25 Gregic set), 2:2 (27 Miskovic), 3:2 (69 Fulmouth)

Football Arena Lafnitz. 400 visitors; Pfister Dosch Gschlosser

Lafnitz – KSV . Live Streaming Tape

lining up:

Lavnets: Andreas Zingel (left), Stefan Omgenowicz, Christoph Geschel, Philip Wendler, Manuel Pfeiffer, Thorsten Schreibl, Sebastian Ferrer, Philip Siegel, Michael John Lima, Lukas Fadinger, Christian Lichtenberger (80 Florian Setsam)

Kapfenberg SV: Christopher Giuliani, Mario Gregic (61) Nemanja Zekic (61.) Matthias Buchel (45 + 1 Lucas Walshutter), Dardan Chabanhashag (79. Antonio Luci Sokevich), Kony Muhammad, Winfried Amoah (61. Valdir Henrique Barbosa da Silva), Christoph Beecherner, Yao Olivier Jocelyn Nze, Carlo Lalique, Miletius Meskovic

Photos: Richard Burgstaller and Harald Dostal