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The second round at Wimbledon is now on the live stream

The second round at Wimbledon is now on the live stream

Rafael Nadal meets Ricardas Beranques in the second round of Wimbledon today. Here you can follow the whole match in the live broadcast.

Wimbledon, round two one sentence
Rafael Nadal 5
Ricardas Beranques 4

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Rafael Nadal vs Ricardas Beranques: The second round at Wimbledon now in the live stream

Nadal Berankis: 5-4

With his own service, Rafael Nadal is still mostly sovereign. Matador von Manacor throws a double miss, but he also gets a few free points on his first serve and can secure 5:4.

Nadal Berankis: 4-4

Another avoidable mistake by the Lithuanian gives Nadal his first break point. However, Berankis defends it quickly and bravely and then gets the match. Nadal grumbles loudly for the first time and seems very unsatisfied. But what is his secret?

Nadal Berankis: 4-3

Even if Rafael Nadal hasn’t made his A game yet, Ricardas Beranques is also playing a good match on the other side. The Lithuanian continues to attack, then anticipates a cross for Nadal and pushes the ball away cleanly. A little later, Berankis slips and has to get past 30:30.

Nadal Berankis: 4-3

It remains a peculiar performance by Rafael Nadal who continues to look like a utterly pariah, playing a lot of half-hearted balls and never finding his game. The Spaniard’s continuous serve is enough this time to serve again and score 4:3.

Nadal Berankis: 3-3

Then Nadal is starting to make his debut and looks like he’s starting to prepare, but Berankis is staying cool on his debut. At first, the Lithuanian makes a shot with a smashing backhand, and then closes the match with a powerful shot with a short backhand.

Nadal Berankis: 3-2

Ricardas Beranques should have slowly noticed that something was wrong with Rafael Nadal. And the 32-year-old uses that at 40:15. Nadal already has seven unintended errors on the clock, five of which are with the forehand alone.

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Nadal Berankis: 3-2

Then Nadal bounces back when he serves and makes it 3-2 with a fourth header. It went well again, but overall, this is not a convincing start for the two-time Wimbledon champion, who has been moving poorly, showing absolutely no emotion and not settling in yet. Some physical problems may cause him problems.

Nadal Berankis: 2-2

Nadal got the playing ball first, but then got caught again by a long comeback from his Lithuanian opponent and soon after that he actually got the ball broken against himself. The 36-year-old defends it immediately with his first serve.

Nadal Berankis: 2-2

Rafael Nadal’s arm swings correctly, but overall Mallorquin doesn’t seem to be completely liberal in his movements. Every now and then the 36-year-old doesn’t move well and ends up running late. So Berankis sniffs at 30:30 for the first time at a chance to take a breather.

Nadal Berankis: 2-2

Hitting a tire costs Nadal a chance to break twice. Berankis then hits the carpenters with long backhand strokes exactly on the line before Nadal returns the foul 2:2.

Nadal Berankes: 2-1

With the sun shining bright in the Central Court, conditions look good for servers today. Also, Berankis, just like Nadal not known as the ace machine, served the elusive first. But then the Spaniard gets better in rallies and sets the time at 15:30 for the first time.

Nadal Berankes: 2-1

Overall, the match so far has been marked by many unnecessary errors on both sides. In his second service match, Nadal can rely mainly on his serve, score 2 aces and walk to win the match at lightning speed.

Nadal Berankis: 1-1

Ricardas Beranques threw a double fault in his first serve match. The Lithuanian, who was allowed to play on center court for the first time in his ninth appearance at Wimbledon, is not to blame for a bit of stress. But Nadal also has one or two oscillations in him so Berankes can bring his match to 30.

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Nadal-Brankes: 1-0

Berankis then made an impressive in-game report with a straight comeback winner, but didn’t have much to say after that. Nadal hits the first ace on the field and shortly afterwards uses the first playing ball to make it 1-0.

Nadal – Berankis: 0-0

here we are! Rafael Nadal sends first and immediately gets the first point after a return error from Ricardas Beranques.

It’s about to start: Meanwhile, the two main actors took to the stadium to the cheers of the audience and began to warm up. In a few moments this second round match between Rafael Nadal and Ricardas Beranques could begin!

Before start: Like Nadal, Ricardas Beranques didn’t play a prep session on grass either, but nevertheless made a great start. The Lithuanian won in three sets over American Sam Querrey, who was already in the semi-finals here at Wimbledon. Berankis, formerly number 50 in the world, has now slipped to 106th and achieved the quarter-finals at the ATP Tour in Dubai as the biggest success of the current season. Even if he is an obvious outsider, he is really looking forward to a second duel with Nadal and his first match at Wimbledon. “England, turf and tennis started here. It’s a very special feeling,” Berankis said. “Playing against a great player like Rafa here is a dream come true.”

Before start: Meanwhile, the match between Katie Poulter and Karolina Pliskova ended. Surprisingly, the Briton beat sixth in the world rankings in three sets with 3:6, 7:6 (4), 6:4. The place is free for Nadal and Brankis, so it won’t be long now.

Before start: Nadal, one of the favorites to win at Wimbledon, had to put in a lot of effort in the first round. Defeat the tough Francisco Cerondolo 6:4, 6:3, 3:6, 6:4. Today he is world number 106 with Berankis. Opposite. So, on paper at least, this shouldn’t be much of a problem for the 22-time Grand Slam champion. Berankis bought a second-round ticket with a three-set win over Sam Querrey.

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Before start: It is the second match to be played today at “Center Court” in London. Only when the first confrontation between Katie Poulter and Karolina Pliskova ends, are Nadal and Brankis allowed to enter the turf. Therefore, the start is expected around 4pm.

Before start: Hello and welcome to the Wimbledon second round match between Rafael Nadal and Ricardas Beranques.