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Destiny 2: Into the Light: After many years – the shooter gets Horde status

Destiny 2: Into the Light: After many years – the shooter gets Horde status

A permanent Horde mode has long been on the wish list of Destiny 2 fans, and as of April 9, that dream will finally come true.

As Bungie has already confirmed, a comprehensive update called Into the Light will be released before the launch of the upcoming expansion Destiny 2: The Final Shape, which is scheduled to launch on April 9. Bungie has yet to reveal what it will contain. Until yesterday, because a new game mode was introduced as part of the developer influx.

It's called Onslaught and it's actually a permanent horde mode that quite a few fans have had on their wish list for a long time. There have already been some similarly themed events, but no true Horde-style game mode yet. In this mode, you'll fight in squads of up to three players against waves of Witness forces, using almost the entire creature catalog.

There are even many variants of this. In normal mode you have to survive ten waves. In the Challenge variant, you will defend yourself against 50 massive waves and there will also be a variant with a higher difficulty level, but this is only for pre-set fireteams, while for the other variants, teams can be set up via matchmaking.

Assault is all about surviving waves of enemies while protecting the ADU, the device that keeps the city safe. In addition to defeating enemies, you can collect scrap which can be spent during defense phases on installing gadgets such as turrets, trip wires, and more. You can see some impressions in the recording of the development stream, it will definitely start working there.

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More innovations from Into the Light will be presented in two additional live streams before April 9. If these are of the same caliber, Destiny 2 may be able to lure some players back into the spotlight. This will be necessary because after the last expansion the number of players decreased significantly and Sony, the owner of Bungie, was not enthusiastic at all.