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The new DLC trailer is causing player numbers to rise again

The new DLC trailer is causing player numbers to rise again

It was released almost exactly two years ago din ring (From 43.99 euros He buys) Since then, From Software's open-world adventure has impressed press and gamers alike, thanks to… DLC announcement It hasn't completely lost momentum.

Because with Earth tree shadowwhich is on June 21 A legacy expansion, fans can finally return to the Middle Lands, or more accurately, to the new Shadow Lands. Now the first DLC gameplay has finally been shown recently, and this seems to have increased the hype, which also means that Player numbers Experience a lot of altitude.

Elden Ring: Over 100,000 polluters simultaneously in the In-between Lands

Look at the statistics SteamDB Demos: Elden Ring hasn't reached over 900,000 concurrent players for a long time, but they're still at their peak over the last 24 hours More than 100,000 defiled At the same time somewhere between Limgrave, Liurnia and Caelid to dye their blades red again.

This is a clear increase: Since last Wednesday The first gameplay of the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC has been shownThe number has almost tripled. The reasons for this are now clear, because after the amazing scenes in the trailer, it seems that many players wanted to see Hidetake Miyazaki and his team again. To meet imagined challenges. But there is another reason.

more than 108,636According to the peak of concurrent players in the last 24 hours on Steam, they thought so too and are adjusting their current character to be suitable for them. Ready for new content He is. If you can't pull yourself together yet but want to know what to expect in the summer: at Our big analysis of the Elden Ring DLC ​​Shadow of Erdtree trailer Let's reveal what we've already discovered.