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Diablo 4: After Nerf

Diablo 4: After Nerf

Just a few days ago Blizzard said with another hotfix for Diablo 4 (From 69.98 euros at He buys) It is rather monotonous Agriculture XPwhich is basically certain Dungeons Really worth fighting for. If you still want to get your new character into the end of the game quickly, there are alternatives.

With the patch, dungeons have been modified in a way that is no longer different from Elite whitens You should benefit and approximately the same amount experience points Grant. However, a few dark places can turn into real XP farms, and we’ll reveal what they are.

Diablo 4: Forget about hero regression – these 5 dungeons are now the fastest to level up

Just a few days ago, the hero’s descent into the dry steppes was the almost undisputed fan favorite when it came to farming experience points and legendary items in Diablo 4 quickly. This was mainly due to the fact that it could be run particularly fast and without major turns. indeed The latest Nerf has weakened its outputThis is why we had to look for alternatives.

Fortunately, these are still there: while you simply had to complete the first dungeon objective in Hero’s Landing, it’s now more rewarding to kill all the monsters in the other dungeons. Thanks to a patch a few days ago, other opponents are starting to spawn as well, including evil but especially rewarding elite opponents – the perfect hoard for quick XP. like Special efficiency turned out to be Demon suctionWho is he South Scosglen Located. Other dungeons suitable for quick leveling are the following:

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  • Eridu ruins
  • Strong iron
  • abandoned quarry
  • blind cavities

Because of its design, the Devil’s Pull in particular is a good choice, as it is a type of round. You also benefit from it Shrine event, which again promises a huge part of the followers of the Hell Horde. The second part of the dungeon is also perfect, as you can collect a huge pile of mobs together and finish them off with one blow.

Alternative nightmare dungeons

If Devil Suction or the other four farm areas introduced by Diablo 4 become too monotonous at some point, you’ll find alternatives in some Nightmare Dungeons, which also awaits you with a good amount of experience points. There are streamers and hardcore veterans wudjo According to some particularly suitable thanks to its speed. On YouTube he gives an overview of the best way to tackle Magic 100 in Diablo 4:

Five dungeons in particular are particularly effective for him:

  • ground wound
  • blind cavities
  • Torture Forest
  • Durr Forest
  • The wilderness of Raethwind

He also suggests five other dungeons as alternatives if you get bored in the ones already mentioned:

  • charming water
  • Snake nest
  • Onyx Castle
  • sunken ruins
  • Forgotten Archives

Apart from the dungeons, you should check out a few more Pay attention to our tips and tricks if you progress faster in Diablo 4 Wants. Above all, it helps you get better orientation Interactive map of the sanctuary. But despite all this lightness, you also need to be careful: if you make a wrong turn and He runs through a particularly dangerous room in Diablo 4You’d better turn around and run.