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Diablo 4: All-new chapters teased

Diablo 4: All-new chapters teased

As we already know, Diablo 4 will have five classes at launch. As with the offshoots of the popular series, most players will already expect any additional content to increase that number to seven playable classes. According to Associate Game Director Joseph Piepiora, five different classes is a good number to pull off different fantasies, giving players various options on how they want to play Diablo. As we through a PCGamesN interview with Joe Shelley Knowing that Blizzard isn’t just a huge fan of the number five, they chose this class list for their Diablo 4 launch for several reasons.

Diablo 4 with a solid launch menu, but new chapters to follow

“We know that many players have characters that they like. There are many players who remember playing a barbarian or a necromancer and would like to have that experience again. So we tried to choose the characters that players liked from previous games. We also take into account the play styles that are representative Characters.With a necromancer for example, players who like to summon a lot of characters or enjoy dark wizard fantasy will have a lot of fun.The wizard represents that powerful magic user and with the barbarian we have a close range fighter and then there is the huntress who has this kind of archer fantasy Ranged and of course you can also play as a knife at close range with an assassin, which is really exciting.”

At launch, Diablo 4 already has a diverse roster in which most players should find at least one interesting class. However, this does not mean that Blizzard wants to stop there. Diablo 3’s witch doctor might return, or we might get a whole new chapter that wasn’t playable in any titles before. While Shely couldn’t provide more specific information at the time, she explained that it’s tradition for Diablo titles to add new chapters.

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