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Gotham Knights is getting two new modes, Heroic Assault and Showdown, as a free update

Warner Bros. announced. Games and DC today announced the launch of two new modes in the game Gotham Knights on me: heroic attack And the show. Both modes are free to download for anyone who owns the game.

heroic attack It is an online cooperative mode in which players can form teams of four. They have to face enemies and challenges on a total of 30 levels in the depths of Gotham City. As evidenced by the trailer, players in this mode will have to face an extraterrestrial menace: an advanced life form Staro, the conqueror. In addition, they become familiar with the hybrid organism Batman which are under Starro’s control.

show is an online co-op mode where players can pair up to take on powerful versions of the main game DC Super Villains, including Mr. IceAnd the Harley QuinnAnd the Clayface And the Talia al Ghul. This should be in show-Mode, heroes will unlock new Legendary blueprints, unique suits, and Bike Patch color variants for each defeated enemy.

heroic attack And the show are standalone online co-op modes available as a free update. the mood heroic attack Unlocked after completing Case File 05 in the main campaign, during showThe mode is available after defeating bosses in each of the corresponding main villain’s status files.

More details about heroic attack– And the showStatuses are available in Gotham Knights Instructions.