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Weikertschlag - stir up emotions in concert

Weikertschlag – stir up emotions in concert

The traditional end of season from 9erHaus is always a pub party at Gasthaus Irschik in Weikertschlag. This year, Florian Kargel was a musician with local roots. His grandparents lived in Weikertschlag. “It’s good that the inn is still there,” says Florian Kargel, “it’s the way I left it with my grandfather 30 years ago. Unfortunately, he can no longer listen to my music.” At that time he accompanied his grandfather to Schnapps, and on Saturdays he played songs from His band project “Freischwimma”. This has been paused since 2016. At that time it was Waldviertel’s match, he says, with Alexander Lausch and Matthias Ledwinka. Alex Wehrer and Stefan Haslinger.

And in between was the band “Prater-WG” with Verena Doublier. Having resolved this, he wanted to revive “Freischwimma”, only in a different form. Now it’s a trio with Jakob Bachbauer on bass and Tobias Neuwirth on drums. The album “Brofezeiung” came out in June this year. But after they got a lot of material, they went back to the studio and recorded the new album “Ruhe”. This will be out next year. “The two new albums actually belong together,” Kargl explains. “The common denominator here are the terms heart and passion and love and passion. We just want to make music from the gut. In the studio we recorded from analog to tape. The three of us played and sang together and cut nothing. The best copy has been taken. It’s so liberating to let go of all ideas and just play.”

You can get that feeling in the songs, too. It is not fake or ethical. Full of emotions and has an intensity that takes you far. At Weikertschlag he played the new songs solo for the first time.