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Digital Insurance: Get home insurance online

Digital Insurance: Get home insurance online

Customers can obtain two online insurance policies from Wiener Städtische, “living.up” and “living.up – now”, online with just a few clicks. Simply enter the apartment size, address, housing and living situation in the web portal and output the policy. The required insurance documents are emailed to the customer in real time upon completion.

Insurance coverage is already active from the day after closing. Basic protection can be expanded with additional units for entertainment electronics, animal liability insurance for dogs and an entertainment package. For customers up to the age of 27, there is a special add-on with the “living.up – now” insurance variant. Here, with a flat sum insured of €25,000, small flats and shared rooms of up to 30m2 can be insured very cheaply. Anyone who would like additional advice can also arrange this via the web portal.

WORDRAP: Inflation and Climate Change

Doris Wendler, CEO of Wiener Städtische, talks about inflation, climate change and why old insurance contracts should be checked regularly.

economic inflation: That was a remarkable 8.6 percent on average in 2022. In addition to groceries, housing and construction costs in particular have increased.

Insurance: a problem not to be underestimated. Old insurance contracts often can no longer adequately cover potential damages with their insured amounts or often do not even contain a waiver for underinsurance.

creditsIndirect insurance can put borrowers in trouble in the event of a claim. Damages that are not covered must then be paid out of your own pocket.

Climate changeSevere weather events are increasing, and damage to homes is more and more in excess of the insured amounts. You are comprehensively protected against a small additional premium.

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ValuableMany Austrians underestimate the values ​​they have acquired over the past few years and decades. In addition, replacement today often costs many times more than it was spent years ago.

protectionGood insurance cannot prevent damage, but it can at least cover the cost of recovery.