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Learn Book Binding: Qwstion and Sous-Bois offer workshops together

Learn Book Binding: Qwstion and Sous-Bois offer workshops together

Two businesses from the 7th arrondissement work together: you can learn how to bookbind at workshops run by bag label “Qwstion” and stationery shop “Sous-Bois”.

Vienna / New Building. There’s plenty of news from the casual Qwstion on Zieglergasse: The bag brand has teamed up with a second company from Neubau – stationery store Sous-Bois on Neustiftgasse. Together they offer bookbinding workshops at Qwstion.

Friday, March 3, 2023 At 5 pm, a Bananatex-covered brochure will be designed, that is, made of banana fibers, with an open Japanese cover. Thanks to the sheets folded and sewn on the open side, a good volume can be achieved despite the small number of sheets. At the end, each participant goes home with a notebook.

It’s all about Cover Tuesday, March 14, 2023 from 6:30 p.m. Have you always wanted to know how to bind a book yourself and prefer to make your own copy out of good paper? Then this 3.5 hour workshop is for you! At the end of the course, each participant returns home with a 128-page book.

The cost of each workshop (including materials) is 68 €, you can register at

Bird colors to wear

And if you’re not a fan of DIY, you can also pick up pretty stationery from Sous-Bois at Qwstion Store this month. Plus: from Friday, March 3, 2023 Two new colors from the Bio Light collection are waiting for you.

Feather-light bags from €35 are made from banana leaves and cotton blossoms instead of plastic. “As always, we were inspired by Mother Nature and the world of birds: Starling and Woodpeckers traveled to us,” says store manager Alexandra Leitner. In other words: forest-colored tones like green woodpeckers, and purple like starling feathers.

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There is more information and an online shop

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